Why are you making me give you money for your photos?

We want to contribute to our community in a sustainable and creative way so proceeds from your donation will be sent to a charity in NYC. If you don't like the photos but still want to support us, check out our "Goodies" page for NYC-related awesomeness. Proceeds from these will also go to an NYC-based charity.

Tell me more about the charities you donate to.

Every quarter, we donate proceeds from our photographs and goodies to a rotating roster of NYC charities. Receipts for these donations will be posted on our blog.

I have a cool project that I want to collaborate with you on!

That's awesome! Please tell us a little bit about the project via the Contact Us page, and we can go from there!

What is the deal with your license?

It's pretty simple, actually. First, please purchase the photo of your choice by paying whatever amount you wish. Then, the photo will be yours to use for personal and commercial projects, provided you do not violate the terms of the license. Please visit the License page for details.

Can I use these photos for both personal and commercial projects?

Yes, absolutely. As stated above, after purchasing our photos, you are welcome to use them in any project as long as you're not creating a copycat of our site with them or selling unaltered copies. We would love for you to share your creation with us!

Can I use these photos as part of a product I sell?

Yes! You can, for example, use our photos on your NYC real estate website. But you cannot sell unaltered versions of our photos.

Can I sell these photos on stock photography websites?

No, you cannot sell or redistribute our photos on stock photography websites, which include free photography platforms such as Unsplash and Pixabay.

Can I credit myself as the photographer after I purchase a photo?

Sorry, no can do!

How do I credit you?

Thanks for the thought! Attribution is not required, but we're always happy to get credited. You can simply link directly to the photo's URL in your project or give a shoutout on Instagram. If embedding a URL is not possible with your project, a simple ‘Photo by Little Bits of New York’ will also work just fine :)

What's the "Goodies" page?

The "Goodies" page contains products and services that we create or recommend. Everything on this page is related to New York City in some way, shape, or form.

What are the "Created By Little Bits of New York" products?

These are the NYC-related merchandize that we designed and created in-house. When we say in-house, we really mean in our one-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side. These are products that we would (and do) use/wear to rep our NYC pride.

What are the "Curated By" products?

The "Curated By Little Bits of New York" collection features NYC-related products and services by other makers and companies that we handpicked for you. These are awesome products that give you a better understanding of some aspect of the city. Honest disclosure: We DO get a small commission every time you use one of these links to make a purchase.

What's the turnaround time for items in the store?

If it's an item that we created, you can expect it to ship within 5 days of your order. Shipping times vary depending on the destination. We ship globally to almost every country in the world (exceptions are: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea).

If the item is from our Curated collection, then please refer to the processing and shipping estimates of the merchant from which you make the purchase.

There's a problem with my order.

We're sorry about the inconvenience. If this is a product that we created ourselves, then please reach out to us via the Contact Us page, and we will get back to you ASAP to resolve the problem.

If the problem is with a product that we curate, please reach out to the merchant from which you made the purchase.

I'm a photographer. Can I submit my incredible NYC photos?

Thanks for your interest in our little project. We are in the process of making it easier for other photographers to showcase their photos on the website. In the meantime, please fill out this form and we will review your photo.