Milligan Place

Milligan Place

One of the charming features of Greenwich Village is that it has quite a few secluded courtyards and alleyways that dot its streets. I’ve lived in NYC for over 15 years and just very recently noticed Milligan Place, a gated, triangular courtyard on Sixth Avenue between 10th & 11th Streets.

Milligan Place is made up of only four 3-story brick houses that were first built in 1852 by Aaron Patchin. He named the courtyard after his father-in-law, Daniel Milligan. Patchin himself had a separate alley named for himself around the court two years earlier. Two of its famous residents were George Cram Cook, who founded the Provincetown Players, and his playwright and novelist wife Susan Glaspell.

Similar to the houses at Grove Court, Milligan Place was once the homes to those who were poor and not seen in the best of light. Today, though, a one-bedroom apartment here will make you at least $4K poorer each month.

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Uploaded on Jul 15, 2019


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