One of the major reasons I love New York is that there’s always room for things that are different/non-mainstream to shine. Metrograph is one of them. It’s a two-screen movie theater on the Lower East Side that shows new and old films that you probably won’t see at an AMC any time soon.

I almost always know nothing about the films they screen but have never left disappointed—they show both new arthouse films and rare archival film prints. I think GQ called it the “coolest” theater in NYC, and I have to agree.

One of my favorite experiences was a screening of Canners by legendary NYC auteur Manny Kirchheimer. It is a profoundly lyrical and compassionate tribute to the women and men who eek out a living of sorts by collecting bottles and cans for recycling.

Mr. Kirchheimer was at the screening for a Q&A and later appeared in the lobby to just hang out with everyone. I’m still mad at myself for being too shy to talk to him.

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Uploaded on Dec 13, 2020


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