Industry City

Industry City

One thing about New York is that it never stays the same. There’s always something new popping up somewhere. Or, in this case, something old that is reimagined and becomes new again. Industry City is a collection of former warehouses that spans multiple blocks on Third Avenue in Brooklyn and extends all the way to the Brooklyn Waterfront. It was built in the 1890s as an intermodal—this means more than one mode of transportation; yes, I had to look that up—manufacturing warehousing, and distribution center and was known as Bush Terminal. During its heyday, it employed 25,000 workers and helped establish Brooklyn as an important international seaport.

By the 1960s, though, urban manufacturing was in decline, and the warehouses were abandoned for more than 40 years. In 2013, Bush Terminal began its transformation into Industry City—an “innovation ecosystem” where tech meets fashion meets art meets… you get the idea. In addition to the office and co-working spaces and Innovation Lab, Industry city is also home to rooftop film festivals, art exhibits, restaurants, and $18 coffee (yikes).

Fortunately, the bones of the warehouses are still intact: the exposed piping, large freight elevators, and heavy iron doors can still be spotted. I love going to these old warehouses to look at these details and see how the sun plays with the lines of the buildings and imagine the lives of the people who worked here all those years ago.

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Uploaded on Aug 17, 2018


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