Hello, I’m Cat.

I moved to New York City for school about 15 years ago. My parents thought I’d get my degree and move back to the California suburbs in a few years; that didn’t happen. I knew I’d never leave this place the first time I emerged from a filthy subway station somewhere in midtown and felt the pulsating energy around me.

One of my favorite pastimes is to walk because it allows me to take in the characteristics of each neighborhood in detail. And even though I’ve been here for a long time and visited many corners of NYC, it still provides me with all kinds of surprises all the time.

The most iconic photos of NYC are often shots of its breathtaking skyline or touristy spots like Times Square, but I really think the charm of the city is in the flavors, people, and energy on the streets of each neighborhood. What I try to do is capture the little bits of New York that I see and love.

I have organized the photographs by neighborhood as well as category, and new ones are uploaded frequently. The photographs are royalty-free once you download them—you decide how much you’d like to pay for each one—and proceeds will go towards a designated charity every quarter.

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Enjoy our little bits of New York!